Practical Advice That Works

We offer management consultig service that supports our clients with practical advice that works in different business situations and dirrefent phases of their company evolution.

Our services provide support for the company top management in identifying and solving existing and yet unforeseen business challenges. Our advisors will help to identify obstacles for better profitability and propose proven solutions to overcome the issues that hold back the business from becoming more successful. The applicability of the solutions is verified through the vast first hand experience of our senior business advisors.

Experienced Business Advisors

Our clients will benefit from the views of an independent and experienced senior business advisor who is able to challenge the top management and open new landscapes for them to take their business to the next level.

We always approach our clients’ business from their own ground. We make a special effort to understand the client’s business situation, and we will find the best competence required to match each specific circumstances. The wide range of special competences presented by the large network of experienced business leaders that form the Liikkeenjohdon Asiantuntijakeskus (similar to the Institute for Independent Businesses in the UK) is available to our clients through us.

Business Support Program

The co-operation typically starts with an in-depth discussion on the client’s business ambitions and challenges. Our business advisor writes downs the most important topics and makes the initial evaluation of the situation and a recommendation of practical solutions already at the end of the first discussion. The next steps on how to go forward are then agreed. Many clients take the opportunity to sign in for our Business Support Program. The BSP consists of a set amount of support days on a monthly basis and provides the client a nominated senior business advisor who is available throughout the entire program.

The authority for making business decisions remains by the client at all times. The improvement initiatives can be executed by the client’s own resources or, alternatively, we can offer specific competences or resources to carry out specific tasks of the improvement areas as considered necessary and in case the client so whishes.